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    York County Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Our Objective
    • To make our community a better place in which to live and make a living.
    • A safer, cleaner, more beautiful place;
    • A place where businessman, farmer, industrialist, and educator acknowledge a mutual dependency which -- because it is understood and acknowledged -- is not loathsome, but a challenge to each and a source of pride;
    • A place where the industrialist finds a promising site, the tourist a vacation dreamland, the visitor a sure and friendly answer to his question, and the neighbor finds a neighbor;
    • A place that is not bothered about progress, that likes to survey itself and eliminate the margin of its discontent, that look with a critical eye on crowded streets and frowns at the buildings with faded grim facades;
    • A place where people grow restless if too frequently confronted with the past; where tradition is an insufficient excuse for stagnation; where each day is a day for accomplishment and tomorrow holds a promise of better living in a better community.

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      Invest in the Future of Your Business

      If you, as an individual, your company, or association share the objectives and interests of the Fort Mill Area Chamber of Commerce, there are opportunities for you to help shape the future growth of the Fort Mill Area.

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      Be Involved

      Your membership not only puts the chamber to work for your business, but enables you to get involved in vital local issues. The Chamber offers participation on various committees dealing with:

      • Annual Awards Banquet
      • Annual Meeting and Banquet
      • Board of Directors
      • Business After Hours
      • Business Seminars
      • Fest-I-Fun
      • Fort Mill Area Downtown Association
      • Fort Mill Area Women in Business Association
      • Holiday Party
      • Special Projects
      • York County Day

      Through your involvement, you give back to the community and fulfill your objective of being a good corporate citizen.

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      Fort Mill Area Council of the
      York County Regional Chamber of Commerce
      101 S. White Street
      P O Box 1357
      Fort Mill, SC 29716-1357

      (803) 547-5900
      FAX: (803) 547-5922

      E-Mail: Caboose@FortMillChamber.com

      2001-2002 Chamber Officers

    • Chairman, Patricia Larson, (803) 547-2353
    • Chairman Elect, Danny Funderburk, (803) 547-7766
    • Vice Chairman, Marc Howie, (803) 684-4247
    • Treasurer, Mari-Ann Taylor, (803) 548-1083
    • Secretary, Ken Kerber, (803) 548-7831
    • Past Chairman, David Macaulay, (803) 325-2312
    • Executive Director, Lisa Knisley, (803) 547-5900

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